Prevention Services

The Family Service Agency has Regional Prevention Resource Center.

Region 9 is made up of Lonoke, Prairie, Pulaski, and Saline Counties.

The Prevention Resource Center (PRC) provides assistance to communities in developing pro-active (prevention) approaches to reducing risk associated with violence, alcohol, tobacco, and other drug abuse. Services include two clearinghouses for brochures, education, and training for both youth and adult leaders and assistance in program development.

Prevention reduces the risk of unhealthy behaviors while fostering safe, productive environments. Successful prevention leads to the reduction of crime, automobile fatalities, sexually transmitted diseases, teen pregnancy, addiction, child abuse, family breakups, and violence.

To learn more about services and programs available, please contact the office in your area:

  • Region 9 PRC Coordinator & Violence Prevention Program at 501-372-4242 (Lonoke, Prairie, Pulaski, and Saline Counties)

Activities and Training Opportunities

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Facts
  • Free brochures and booklets
  • Public speaking/school assemblies
  • Health fairs/health promotions
  • Curricular design
  • Media Campaigns

Life Skills Development and Education

  • Peer leader programs
  • Conflict resolution teams
  • Gang prevention activities
  • Pre-school drug prevention
  • Parenting and family management classes
  • Teacher in-services

Social Policy and Environmental Change

  • Assisting the change of laws and regulations
  • Reviewing of alcohol and drug policies in schools
  • Enforcing procedures governing availability of drugs
  • Reviewing alcohol and tobacco advertising
Community Mobilization and Professional Development
  • Volunteer training
  • Multi-agency collaboration
  • Community team building
  • Religious organization training
  • Accessing services and funding

Problem Identification and Referral

  • Diversion classes
  • Intervention teams
  • Student assistance programs
  • Youth and adult support groups