Substance Abuse

Family Service Agency offers the following affordable outpatient substance abuse groups and services.

For more information about our Substance Abuse Programs please contact our
Substance Abuse Specialists at 501-372-4242.

Substance Abuse Counseling & Education Program (SACEP)

The following objectives for the SACEP program will be achieved through group and/or individual sessions, audiovisual aids and written assignments.

Participants in Family Service Agency's Substance Abuse Programs should expect to begin focusing on issues/problems, which promote the needs/desires of his/her continued use/abuse of alcohol and/or drugs.

Focus will be an increased awareness of the consequences associated with the use of drug(s).

This will be achieved through individual/group counseling, workshops, videos, and various written/reading assignments.

We will present each person with tools and skills that lead to Healthy Lifestyles and Relationships that are free of alcohol and/or drug abuse.

Substance Abuse Education (Sub-Ed)

This program provides basic information about the primary, chronic and progressive disease of addiction and helps clients understanding of the effects of alcohol and other drugs have on the body, mind and life.

  • Class is 3 hours (9:00am - 12:00pm) the lst Thursday of each month
  • Fee is Fifty dollars ($50)
  • Specific information about the effects of various substances is also provided, including alcohol, methamphetamine, marijuana, cocaine, opiates, inhalants, hallucinogens and so called "designer drugs" such as MAMA and DMT

Multiple Offender DWI Services (MODS)

  • Four intervention group sessions for individuals that have been court ordered.
  • Focuses on the disease of addiction, relapse triggers and cravings, familyies and recovery and the overall recovery process

Adolescent Treatment Program (ATP)

The Adolescent Treatment Program is designed for 12-18 year olds:

  • Evidence based curriculums are utilized that offer the participants knowledge of the affects and consequences of substance use and refusal and coping skills combat substance use and peer influence.
  • The sessions are facilitated by Master's Level Licensed Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselors.
  • Two primary methods of payment for this program are (1) self-pay and (2) Medicaid.
  • Offered under this program are family sessions, family group sessions, individual counseling sessions and group sessions.
  • Referral methods include but are not limited to self/family referral, school referral and court referral.