Violence Intervention

The Domestic Violence Intervention Program is a 25-week educational program designed to help the participant stop battering. The educational groups provide the participants with information and practical tools for behavioral, emotional change so that they can resolve conflicts without resorting to emotional or physical violence.

What Participants Learn

  • Identifying Violence in My Life
  • Breaking the Connection
  • Learning New Roles, Making New Choices

Times are available for your convenience.

For specific information, you may contact Family Service Agency at 628 W. Broadway, North Little Rock, 501-372-4242.

Do You......

  1. Use threats to leave or threaten suicide?
  2. Make your partner do illegal things?
  3. Threaten to report your partner to child abuse agencies?
  4. Treat your partner like a servant?
  5. Make ALL decisions without consulting your partner?
  6. Define all male/female roles in the home?
  7. Refuse to let your partner get or keep a job?
  8. Make your partner ask for money?
  9. Take your partner's money?
  10. Keep financial matters a secret from your partner?
  11. Threaten to take your partner's children away?
  12. Make your partner feel responsible for the abuse?
  13. Hit, slap, or kick your partner?
  14. Make your partner feel bad about herself/himself?
  15. Make your partner think she/he is crazy?
  16. Call your partner names?
  17. Control who your partner's friends are?
  18. Smash things to intimidate your partner?
  19. Harm or threaten to harm your partner's pets?
  20. Display weapons in an effort to intimidate your partner?

If you do any of the above actions to your partner, you might consider calling Family Service Agency at
501-372-4242 to get more information about how you can create more satisfying relationships.

Helpful Links

If you are involved with someone who exhibits these behaviors, please contact women & children 1st to receive help.